Building your own iPad Moleskin case

Putting a case around an Apple product gives me mixed emotions. Apple puts so much devotion into designing their products that every detail has been thought about. Holding a bare iPhone or iPad, it just feels right, the only thing they don’t seem to take into consideration is: what if it is dropped, what if it is put in a bag, what if it rests on a rough surface, what if its in a pocket with keys? A case is needed.

The DODOcase is everything I wanted out of iPad protection. It is light, let’s the Apple product stand out, protects the screen, and feels like a book when held (gives the ereading experience a little old school flare). Best of all, they look just like my beloved Moleskine sketchbooks, which would not only look awesome sitting side by side, but offer some camouflage when carrying the iPad around the city. The problem? They are handmade, so have a 4-6 week wait (add another week for shipping) and they cost $49.95 with shipping.

Cool concept. I’m probably going to stick with getting a dodocase, but I love DIY projects.

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