Dear Flash plugin, love OSX

Dear Flash,

I think you know what this letter is about. It won’t help either of us if we pretend like there isn’t a problem.

You see, when we first started out together I was ecstatic. I don’t subscribe to cable as hulu takes care of the majority of my needs and NBA League Pass and friends fill in the rest. I was willing to put up with your frequent crashing, stuttering, and general quirks if it meant I could be free from a tyrannous cable company.

The shine soon wore off, and we’re now at a crossroads. I’m tired of my computer fans spinning up every single time I want to watch a video with you. To put it bluntly, you are an inconsiderate jerk. Taking upwards of 90% one of my cores to display a standard definition video is inexcusable.

The other day I had this nagging feeling that you were cheating on me. I’m sorry, but I was compelled to fire up Parallels and load my XP image. I pulled up the exact same video that I was trying to watch and was shocked. It ran beautifully on XP. To top it off It took less processing power to run a virtualized operating system, browser, and the flash plugin for the virtual machine then it did to run flash natively on OSX. It was also significantly smoother. I wish you didn’t treat me like a second class citizen.

The actual video

I wish things could have ended differently, but I think we need to see other people. I know you’re already suspicious of HTML5 and myself, but I can assure you that he isn’t ready for a steady commitment. Yet.

Love always,
OS X on a Santa Rosa MacBook Pro

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